La Jolla Children’s Pool

La Jolla Children’s Pool

La Jolla Children’s PoolThe Children’s Pool (850 Coast Boulevard), also known as the Casa, is a small beach partially protected by a seawall. The original intention was to create a fully protected swimming area, but sand has filled in much of the area inside the wall. This is a very picturesque beach with a panoramic view. During much of the year, seals and sea lions are present on or near the beach and a reserve for these marine mammals, called Seal Rock, is just offshore.

The Children’s Pool, is within a short walk of the commercial area of the community of La Jolla. Grassy park areas can be found a short distance to the north and south. Several small beaches are nearby including Wipeout Beach to the south and Shell Beach to the north.

This is a popular beach for scuba divers because of the beautiful reefs just offshore. These same reefs can create very strong currents and other hazards, particularly in high surf conditions.

Lifeguard Protection:

Lifeguards are staffed daily throughout the year. During summer, lifeguard staffing hours are generally 9:00 a.m. to dusk. At other times of the year, lifeguard staffing may not commence until 10:00 a.m. Always check with lifeguards for any modification of staffing hours.

Rip Currents:

Most California beaches experience strong rip currents. The safety tips section provides an explanation of rip currents and some methods of freeing yourself if caught in a rip current. The best advice is to swim near a lifeguard.

Water Activity Zones:

The waters off this beach are reserved for swimming and diving only.


This is an excellent beach for scuba diving when surf conditions are low. Telephone the lifeguard beach information line (221-8884) before coming to the beach and always check with lifeguards before diving.

Restrooms and Showers:

A public restroom with showers is located beneath the lifeguard station.

Disabled Accessibility:

Due to the steep hillside immediately adjacent, the beach is not wheelchair accessible. However, there is an excellent view from the park above. The seawall is wheelchair accessible, but somewhat narrow.

Beach Fires:

There are no receptacles for beach fires. Open fires are therefore prohibited.

Regulations — Standard San Diego beach regulations apply, with the following modifications:

A reminder that marine mammals are fully protected by Federal law.

Seals and Sea Lions:

Seals and sea lions are often found on or near the beach at the Children’s Pool during Fall, Winter, and Spring. They are wild animals you can watch, but may not disturb. For further information, see our frequently asked questions page on seals and sea lions.


From the north, take Interstate 5 to La Jolla Village Drive, westbound. Turn left on Torrey Pines Road at the signalized intersection. Follow Torrey Pines Road to the signalized intersection at Prospect Street and turn right. Watch for the signs and bear right on Coast Boulevard.

From the south, take Interstate 5 north to Ardath Road. Continue on Ardath Road as it becomes Torrey Pines Road. Follow Torrey Pines Road to the signalized intersection at Prospect Street and turn right. Watch for the signs and bear right on Coast Boulevard.

Public Transit:

Call San Diego Transit at (619) 233-3004 for buses that serve this beach.


There is very limited on-street parking at La Jolla Cove. Onstreet parking can be difficult to find, particularly in summer. It is limited to three hours at a time on weekdays and unlimited on weekends, but check the signs for any restrictions. Paid parking is available in downtown La Jolla at several locations and is a short walk from the beach.

Large Groups:

The basic rule of thumb is that any gathering of over 75 people requires a permit from the Park and Recreation Department. A permit is also required for a wedding, water event, athletic event, voice and/or music amplification, or use of special setup equipment (such as an inflatable party jump, dunk tank, canopy, etc.) For permit information call Regional Parks at (619) 235-1169.

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