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About shopSDHomes.com

About shopSDHomes.com

Anya Turchin is a REALTOR who brings professionalism and integrity to all of her real estate endeavors. She is business savvy, analytical, knowledgeable and resourceful. Anya possesses exceptional problem solving skills. She is highly experienced with bank owned properties, short sales, trustee sales and traditional sales. She believes in providing you with all the tools you need to make wise decisions as a home seller or a home buyer. Anya recognizes the unique opportunities that San Diego presents as well as she understands the intricate process of real estate transactions. Anya has built a career helping people like you buy and sell properties in this fabulous part of the world.

Reasons to work with Anya:
• Great communicator
• Excellent negotiator
• Sense of humor and enthusiasm
• Patient and conscientious
• Anya speaks fluent Russian.
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What Her Clients Say

As Anya’s clients will testify – her hard work, knowledge of the market and superb service proves that she puts her clients first.

  Anya Turchin  is one of the best and most diligent real estate agents I have worked with. Unlike a lot of agents who show everyone the same set of properties,  Anya  took the time to really understand what kind of place I was looking for.   Her knowledge of the San Diego market enabled her to rule out places that she knew were not good. Even after our first outing she kept looking and sent me updates of new opportunities.  She knows the market and the process incredibly well.  Anya was always reachable to me whenever I had a question or needed to speak to her.  Anya  gave me excellent advice and guidance when I needed it, and  she TRULY makes you feel that she is on your side and personally invested in the outcome. I highly recommend her (and already have to all my friends).
Joseph H.
Anya was so patient, thoughtful, and “real” during this process. I trusted her 100% and knew that she had my best interest in mind during my search. I now live in a dream house that I would never have thought possible. Thanks Anya!!
Dlp F.
I’ve found myself in a very pressing situation and have approached Anya with some questions. I was impressed, very much
with Anya’s professional integrity, deep knowledge and kind willingness to help. Regardless of how big or small question I had, Anya promptly provided me with an answer and solution! I highly recommend Anya for your real estate needs! Thank you Anya for being so great!
Elena F.
Anya represented me on the buyer’s side when I bought a house in San Diego in 2007.  I looked at probably 20 properties, and she never complained about how picky I was.  She was attentive to every detail, and as a result the closing went very smoothly.  In the years since, even in a depressed real estate market, Anya has kept me apprised of developments in my local neighborhood market, including opportunities for refinancing.  I regard Anya as a true real estate professional:  knowledgeable, honest and completely focused on the client.
Thomas G.

Anya is the most professional, trustworthy, knowledgeable and helpful realtor one could ever have.  I feel confident in expressing this because, in the course of my life, I have bought and sold many properties and dealt with many realtors so I have a basis of comparison.  Anya is definitely the best.When I was ready to buy my first investment property in San Diego, Anya patiently and diligently showed me many different options and did an amazing job in finding the right one for me.  She then negotiated for me a fantastic deal and was extremely focused in all the steps and smallest details even after closing.A year later when it was time to buy another investment property, Anya found me a beautiful townhouse within the price I had in mind.  She was the first realtor to look at this property so we were able to make the first and best offer.  This is because she is up to date with all the properties in the market.

Last year I referred Anya to a friend.  She listed his house, which turned out to be an extremely complicated sale since there were many parties involved.  It took months, a lot of work and patience to get all the documents together yet, again,  Anya came out shining.

If you are looking for the best realtor in this area, Anya is your choice.  Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Victoria G.

I have known Anya for close to 5 years now and met her when I first moved to San Diego from the East Coast.  I knew that I would eventually be purchasing a home here and watched the local market for around 3 years before getting serious.Of course I (we) found a property I liked that had multiple offers (including mine) in its first weekend on the market.  Anya stealthily guided me through our winning offer process, then the inspection, the loan process with her preferred broker (great service) and escrow.  In the first week of going into escrow I found another property that I liked even more.  I decided to keep the first property as an investment property and the second as my home.So now we were running with 2 of everything.  Inspections….loans….escrows….and mounds of paperwork.  Both closings were even on time!

What could’ve been a very daunting time was easily navigated with Anya’s excellent sense of logic, timing, knowledge and professionalism.  Without hesitation I would recommend Anya to service your real estate transactions, from start to finish.

She helped a friend of mine who was on the buy side and in the middle of a sticky short sale transaction that was stalling due to her broker’s lagging response time (sometimes up to 3 days).  Anya picked up the reins mid-stream and saw the transaction through to a successful closing.  Everyone wins with Anya in your corner!

Sean H.